Your Best Face Forward

by Dr. Irene Reyzis


So you know that your skin is the tissue forming the external surface of your beautiful body. But did you know that your skin is actually the largest organ of the body?

It’s true! Skin does a lot keep your body healthy and happy!

Skin keeps your body hydrated and protects you.

Skin keeps dehydration and the harsh world outside at bay. Taking the best care of your skin isn’t a vanity, it is a necessity. Let us give you our expert insights for beautiful, healthy skin.


Saved by the Skin of Your Skin!


They say that beauty is skin deep… but that’s not entirely true: While having healthy, even, hydrated skin is an attractive feature, your skin also has an additional function that makes you healthy, and in turn, beautiful.

1) Keep the outside world at bay!

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense from external stressors including chemicals, UV light, pollution, germs and injury. {Let’s face it, you KNOW you’re a clutz!}

Are you a sports fan, or does your significant other ever make you watch sports? Much like the defensive line in those high-intensity football games, UV damage is blocked by skin’s natural pigment melanin, which protects living cells below the skin surface.

Guess what else your skin has: Immune Cells! These help protect your body when they sense threats like germs or unwanted chemicals! Talk about a great asset!

2) Hydration is the essence of beauty

The icing on the cake, or epidermis, is that it’s a waterproof coat that keeps moisture in!

How you ask? Well, natural lipids, ceramides, and fatty acids found naturally in your skin are responsible for this complex but critical process! They form a moisture barrier that keeps your skin and body from becoming dehydrated.

3) Not too HOT under the collar!

The skin maintains a consistent body temperature by causing perspiration and vessel dilation when you’re hot, as well as managing microcirculation to keep you warm when it’s cold outside!

4) Vitamin D! OKAY?!

Sunlight plus skin equals the production of Vitamin D!
Exposing the hands, arms and legs to moderate amounts of sunlight a couple times a week is all you need!
Vitamin D is an important nutrient because it is essential for proper use of minerals like calcium in the body. It also is critical for optimal functioning of your immune system that keeps you from getting sick


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