“If it’s possible to fall in love with a cosmetic, I think I’ve found a soulmate in Bodisafe’s new foundation. From the second I pumped it onto my fingertips…”

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“I’m vegan and finding vegan makeup that actually works is impossible.  But the fact that you worked to make it affordable is amazing…”

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“This product is an added bonus to my nightly routine. It has a soft, dewy glow to it and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is very soft and supple.”

Nail Art by KatsNails blogger

“I personally love this product especially the blush, it’s the perfect shade to compliment and be noticeable on my tan skin. Also great for us dry skin guys and girls.  Unlike powder blush or highlight this doesn’t cake on at all.”

Beauty Box XO, Beauty Blogger.

“I love the bodisafe Foundation.  It is smooth, comfortable, airy feeling, while offering great coverage. It camouflages blemishes imperfections, without being cake or clownish.”

Andrea S.

“It’s very hydrating, and I’ve had decreased dryness overall, which I thoroughly appreciate!”  

Melissa C.

“I like this product because it provides an all night moisturizing effect.  My skin feels softer and well hydrated in the morning after using this cream.  I would definitely recommend it!”

Jenn J

“First off, I love that it’s cruelty-free!  Second, a small pea size drop is all that is needed to cover the face. It feels not greasy once applied and in the morning face feels soft. The product is long lasting and very reasonable in price. I can see a difference from using it for 1 month.”

Lisa Bueker

“The formula is so rich, yet completely non-greasy. My skin is so soft, supple, and hydrated in the morning when I use this at night. Consistent use over the past several weeks is improving the texture and condition of my skin. I’m very impressed with this product, especially the ingredient list…”

Samantha Chuplis





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