It is important for you to take care of yourself.  It is important to make good decisions about what’s best for you and your health.  It is up to you alone to make those decisions.  It should not be left up to mass-scale cosmetic companies with profit-driven bottom lines, endless amounts of marketing revenue, and political savvy.  In a loosely regulated marketplace, individuals need to be self-determined and self-empowering when it comes to looking out for their own health.

The ‘i’ in bodisafe Beauty stands for the individual and self-education, self-empowerment and self-determination.  “i” understand the facts.  “i” am responsible for my health and wellbeing.  “i” am proactive, educated and motivated to choose products that are good for me and my family’s health and wellness.  “i” deserve to be both healthy, beautiful, and select products that are consistent with my goals.  bodisafe is here to support the effort of each individual to look after their body, their appearance, their happiness and their health.