Castor Oil

Castor Oil comes from seeds of the castor plant that grows in tropical regions. Like many plant oils, castor oil is an effective emollient that helps moisturize and repair dry skin. Castor oil is exceptional due to its ability to detoxify and cleanse skin by dissolving excess surface oils, including those that contribute to clogged pores. This can be attributed to a special type of fatty acid called ricinoleic acid that makes up 75-90% of castor oil.

Ricinoleic acid has a unique chemical structure that promotes skin hygiene and a healthy skin environment. It extracts built-up sebum and impurities from pores, and aids in maintaining a healthy balance of microbes on the skin. Castor oil is an excellent ingredient choice in products meant for acne-prone, blemished, inflamed, or oily skin.


Castor oil is a very effective skin conditioner able to penetrate skin and helps to soothe inflammation and encourage skin renewal. It can be used to hydrate, soften, and promote healing of severely dry, damaged, chapped, or aggravated skin. Using castor oil on a daily basis can be especially helpful in the winter months when skin is at its driest. Traditionally used in wound care, it is also good for treating sunburns, itchy skin, scar tissue and stretch marks.

Another bonus of castor oil is that the fatty acids found in the oil support production of collagen and elastin in deeper skin layers. This not only helps to repair and soften skin but also corrects the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Therefore, Castor oil is a natural anti-aging agent that enhances skin’s youthfulness by making it smoother, softer and more pliant.

Take home point: the hallmark of Castor oil is its wide range of skin benefits and usefulness for a spectrum of skin issues and skin types. For this reason, it is a very suitable ingredient for BodiSafe products that are designed to be reliably healthy and beneficial for all users.




-Moisturizes and softens dry, rough skin

-Purifies and detoxifies skin

-Cleans pores

-Promotes skin hygiene and healthy skin flora

-Balances skin oil

-Soothes itch and inflammation

-Aids in skin renewal


Good for:

-Dry skin

-Damaged, rough or tight skin

-Chapped skin

-Mature skin

-Sun-exposed skin

-Inflamed or itchy skin

-Blemishes and acne-prone skin

-Oily skin

-Combination skin



-Scar tissue